Friday, February 18, 2011

All About Me!

Talofa,my name is Jonita.I come from the beautiful island of Samoa, but I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born on July. I have two brothers and my wonderful mum and dad.

My favourite sports are netball, baseball and swimming. My sports hero is Maria Tutaia from the Silver Ferns. I love her because she is supportive, a good sport and she is very good at shooting. Did you know that she shot the last point for the Silver Ferns at the Commonwealth Games when they were versing Australia?

I love to sing and dance. My favourite pop star right now is an artist called Katy Perry. I also love her new song E.T. Her songs inspire me and make me feel like I can do anything and be anything that's why I look up to her. I also love some of her clothes because they look very yummy and colorful.


  1. Hi Jonita,
    That was a very good post about yourself. I loved how it didn't give away too much detail about yourself, but just the right amount. I like Maria Tutaia too. She is a really good player and shooter and she sometimes reminds me of Angela.I love to sing and dance too, but my FAVOURITE singers at the moment are Beyonce, Lady Gaga,Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj.

    Again I loved your post. If you have some spare time come and post a comment on my blog.


  2. Hi Jonita! My name is Courtney and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. My school is located in the South East part of the United States. I really enjoyed reading about you! To be honest, I had to look up Samoa in order to know where it was located. I have never heard of it before. My class and I are assigned to read different students blogs from all over. This is such a wonderful thing because it he helping me learn about different places, like Samoa. From the picture on your blog, it seems like a wonderful place to live.
    I think it’s amazing that even though we live so very far away from each other and come from different cultures, that you and I have many of the same interests. I also enjoy listening to Katy Perry. My favorite song of hers is "California Girls.'" In my opinion it is a very catchy song.
    Another thing I think is interesting about reading your post was reading one of your favorite sports is netball. I also looked up the sport and found out that it is a lot like basketball. I played basket ball when I was younger and really enjoyed it.
    I have a blog as well and would love if you could drop by and read about me! My blog address is

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Jonita,

    My name is Michael and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class.

    I see that you like baseball. Baseball is my favorite sport. I played starting at three years old until I graduated from high school. I hope to coach when I get finished with my college degree. My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves.

    I find netball a very interesting sport. I played basketball in high school, but I think netball would be a good bit more difficult to play. There is no backboard which would make it very hard to score for me. If I understand the game right you cant dribble the ball like you can in basketball. I wish sometimes it was illegal to dribble in basketball, because I was not very good at that aspect of the game. I had no idea netball even existed because we don't play it here in the United States, that I know of. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn something new.

    If you would like to learn more about me and my class check out My Blog.


  4. Hi Jonita,

    I enjoyed your posting. I can tell that you were thinking about questions that your audience might have while reading, and you gave us those details... which of course kept us interested in what you had to say!! I look forward to your future postings!

  5. Wow Jonita that was a very good my islands the Cook Islands and my favorite singer is Katy Perry as well i also like netball,baseball and swimming that was a good fact about how Maria Tutaia shot the last goal for the silver ferns when they where versing Australia at the common wealth games
    your sincerely Ashlee

  6. Wow Jonita i really like maria tutaia and i like bancing and singing to i like jesse j price tags

  7. Thanks everyone!

    I love all your comments and they are very thoughtful and I'd love to visit all your blogs too!Thanks!

    Love Jonita

  8. Hi Jonita that was a awesome story about you.I really liked how you were explaining where you came from,and where you were born


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