Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me and Jorjas Paragraph About White Tailed Spiders

White-Tailed spiders came from Australia to New Zealand, and now they are very common. Grooming and tasting are what the two palps at the front of its body are used for. “Aaaaaaahhh!!!”, I screamed when I saw the spider.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thai Fish Cakes

 Guess what? Last Tuesday, the Extension group made irresistible Thai Fish Cakes for the Lets Cook with Parmco weekly challenge. We were in groups, and made fish cakes for Week 1, which was pretty awesome. It's a very simple dish, full of spices, veggies and FISH!! Did I forget to mention that we had a delicious salad on the side?

I think that it was really easy because even though our presentation looked AMAZING, it was bang on perfect and simple. Although we didn't win last week, I was still proud of all of us.

My favorite part of the process was of course, not  only eating it, but also frying the fish cakes. Just because the cakes were perfectly.

I would really love to cook this dish again for my family because I think that they will enjoy it a lot! Be sure to look out for my blog post about this weeks Marrakech Chicken meal!! And also PLEASE be sure to vote for our school in the comp! :)

How to Make a Paper Box

This is how you make a paper box.

Step 1: Get a piece of paper

Step 2: Then fold it from side to side and unfold it:)

Step 3: Keeping the paper on the table, you must fold each of the long edges into the middle, and then unfold it.

Step 4: You must then fold both of the SHORT edges onto the crease in the middle and then leave them there.

Step 5: Then, fold in all of the corners so they meet the closest crease.

Step 6: After that, fold the edges in the centre so that they cover the corners.

Step 7: Now it's the LAST step, put a finger inside each of the corners an gently pull outwards!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Duffy Assembly Eh

Have you ever heard of Jo Holley? Well, she came over to our school to talk to us about the importance of reading at our Duffy Assembly. She is an actress, and a T.V. presenter.

Walking into the school hall, I was waiting for our special guests to come. Surprisingly, the members of the Bucklands Beach Rotary Club, Ron and Austin, were already there! The only person that was left was Jo. Waiting for her, Mr Jacobson (BIG ONE) kept us company by singing lots of songs.

When she FINALLY arrived, she introduced herself with a traditional Maori mihi and told us about her career and life. She inspired me a lot because, a small town girl from Gisborne, to our televisions is pretty amazing.

I really liked the Duffy Assembly because it inspires me to read more and become more smarter

Monday, September 10, 2012

Meeting Uncle Anzac

Last friday, the Year 5,6,7 and 8 Extension groups got to work with Tommy Wilson, or better known as Uncle Anzac, the author of some of our favourite books, such as Kapai Kiwi. We got to have a workshop on that day with the amazing author.
Telling us about his life and career was really inspiring for me. At assembly, he told us about his butler career and getting the opportunity to meet Nelson Mandela. I was pretty surprised when he said that he had met him.

It was a really great because he taught us a lot of good techniques in writing, which I now use:) He helped us create a story about an ancient touchstone that had been stolen from our school and we had to go find it. Getting our story line in a short amount of time was a pretty amazing achievement.