Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Would it Be Like Living on Venus?

 The year is 3075. Aliens have invaded the Earth and have taken over! We need to go and live at another planet.Living on Venus would be DEADLY. No food, no water, no OXYGEN! No life for tree's grow and give us oxygen. But my solution is the MegaAiranator3000. It turns toxic gases into oxygen, or whatever gas you want by the gas chooser. This invention created by me two years ago for these kind of situations! The engine is ran by the toxic gases from the atmosphere of the planet. Cool right?! By spreading the gas you want all over the planet, there is a trigger. My invention will be the best in the WORLD!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Space Movie!

Have you ever wondered what it's like on another planet? Find out by my space movie!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas Traditions and Favorites!

Christmas is a wonderful event. With gifts, feasts and gatherings, this is mostly every body's favorite time of the year! Unfortunately, this is an annual event. Annual means that it only happens once a year. This celebration is remembering the time Jesus was born. Over 2.1 BILLION people all over the world celebrate this event.

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is gathering with family that I either haven’t met, or haven’t seen in a long time. A traditional Christmas family event takes place at Church and home. Our tradition is that on Christmas Eve, we go to a service at Church and star in a play. This goes on for about 3-4 hours. Then we go to my dads family to open our presents, we then go to my mums side to do the same thing...... The nek day, we go somewhere to celebrate Christmas!

Christmas is an AMAZING event that lets us gather and reunite with family members. It also lets us celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Negatives and Positives About Our Netbooks!

This year has been AMAZING with our Netbooks!! This is a reflection of our Netbooks and what good and bad they have done for us this year........
Netbooks are a HUGE and helpful tool when your working, but most importantly, we NEED to use them safely and usefully. One of the good things about this tool is that learning is fun on our Netbooks. By that I mean Educational FUN.

One of the negatives about our Netbooks is that we are so caught up with it, we forget about other things. Like for example, not listening to our parents. Little brothers, sisters and cousins can wreck it by spilling something on it OR jumping on it sometimes. When we do our work, the Internet often runs slowly too.

If we had to go back to pencil and paper instead of our Netbooks, I would be DEVASTATED!! Like I said, our Netbooks are a very useful tool!

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Billboard!

This week at Extension, we learnt about the Elections. We also got to make our billboards!! On Saturday, the Elections were on! Unfortunately, Labour didn't win. I did a billboard for the party I was studying which was Labour.

  Labour is the longest running parliamentary party in New Zealand. Peter Fraser a former leader of Labour, made enrollment free at University in Aoteroa! I recommend you should have voted for Labour.

  I predicted that National was going to win, which they DID!!  I voted for Labour because they have a good policy and I think that they will stick to it! The two most important the things about the Elections is the MMP AND First Past the post. The meaning of MMP stands for Mixed Members Proportional. This is a voting system that was actually used the German Bundestag which is the National Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the other hand, First Past the Post, or FPP, is actually a voting method. It is when a person votes for the Candidate that he or she votes for next to the Candidate. The Candidate with the most votes WINS!!$$............................... but the other votes don't matter!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


“Yes! Finally we’re here!”, I shouted with excitement! I jumped out of the bus and onto the fresh green meadow at One Tree Hill. After about half an hour of BORING on the bus, I was waiting for an adventure. Oh yeah, did I mention that we went to One Tree Hill and Stardome on the 17th of November 2011!

 Our session at Stardome started at about 1, so we had to kill time walking up One Tree Hill. Trudging up the steep hill, I was desperate to drink my water. Although I wanted to die, it was all worth it once we got to the top! The magnificent view reminded me of my beautiful nephew. Enough of the Sound of Music talk now! My aching muscles finally calmed, then...................."OK, come on kids we're going DOWN to the crater!!", Ms Squires shouted! "Oh GREAT!", I SIGHED.

 As I sled down the rocky mountain, I could see the word shaped volcanic rocks. My bum was aching while sliding on the slippery, rocky grass. As soon as I got to the bottom, it was time to PLAY!! I was tempted by the light, bubbly rocks to throw at the boys! Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

We then went down to the bottom of the hill and ate our lunch!! As I admired the other kids playing on the octopus playground, I couldn't eat my food properly. ................. It was finally time to play!! I jumped on the playground span for a few minutes while eating my cookie! Luckily, I didn’t spew.

 Arriving at Stardome, I felt like I was in space. Petra, our instructor led us into a dome where we were going to watch some movies. We watched one movie about ALL the planets, then one about the stars in the night sky. It was REALLY beautiful. “Is that all!?”, you probably ask. Well it............................. isn’t. We then visited another space room. That was about the position of the planets from the Sun. And the stars too! We then left and finished off our leftover lunch.

This trip was AMAZING and I hope to go there another day to find out more about space!........... Well, I already do!!!“Yes! Finally we’re here!”, I shouted with excitement! I jumped out of the bus and onto the fresh green meadow at One Tree Hill. After about half an hour of BORING on the bus, I was waiting for an adventure. Oh yeah, did I mention that we went to One Tree Hill and Stardome on the 17th of November 2011! Our session at Stardome started at about 1, so we had to kill time walking up One Tree Hill. Trudging up the steep hill, I was desperate to drink my water. Although I wanted to die, it was all worth it once we got to the top! The magnificent view reminded me of my beautiful nephew. Enough of the Sound of Music talk now! My aching muscles finally calmed, then...................."OK, come on kids we're going DOWN to the crater!!", Ms Squires shouted! "Oh GREAT!", I SIGHED.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Favorite Entertainers!

These are my favorite entertainers because they all have a SPECIAL talent and they use it for right reasons!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Eating Comets!

With Ms Squires( Our teacher) walking in, I was already eagerly waiting for the delectable treats that we were going to enjoy. Oh yeah, on Tuesday the 1st of November 2011, we ate COMETS!! "That's not possible", your probably thinking. Well it is.

 First we made the dust which was actually just crushing assorted biscuits, 100's and 1000's and chocolate sprinkles.Chirping and cheering, I was the first one to crush the mixture.. "BOOM, BOOM BOOM!", they went. My turn was then finished. When all of the crushing was over, Ms Squires carefully placed it on the Twister mat. It was time to scoop the rocks!

 Waiting to get my edible rock, Ms Squires scooped up the chocolate flavoured ice-cream with ease. It was then my turn. With the ice-cream dripping through my fingers, I didn't care. I carefully walked to the dust and dunked it into the crushed mixture. After all was done, I went out side and ate it.

 While eating the magnificent treat, my fingers were starting to get numb. With ice-cream melting everywhere, I wanted to go inside. Scavenging for more, I got a second comet! We then tidied up the yummy mess.

 I enjoyed this activity and I hope that you if YOU make it, then you will like it  too, thanks to Ms Squires!!! With a sigh I said good bye to my wonderful friend, Comet, as he flew back to space, or my stomach!!


Ice-Cream(Whatever flavour you like, better with chocolate)
100's and 1000's
Chocolate Sprinkles

1. Crush biscuits until dust like.
2. Add the sprinkles and 100's and 1000's and mix
3.Scoop ice-cream then dunk and roll it in dust until completly covered
4. Put in a cone and ENJOY!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Outta This World!!

Today was the day I was going to see my friends for the first time in two weeks. Today was the day I was going to LEARN about a new topic. My mind was in focus and we walked to the hall for our Immersion Assembly. This term our theme was SPACE!

 In case you don’t know what that is, it is an assembly at the beginning of every term at our school when our teachers dress up in crazy costumes and do items or make movie. All of this is based on one theme, Our THEME for the TERM!! This helps us get started.

 Back to the Assembly! First it was Team 1’s movie and then Team 2. That was my personal favorite! Mrs Tuala, Ms She, Ms Glaze and Ms Blake were dancing to a funky and fairly modern Space song. Robotic movements won the crowd in the hall over! I was speechless. “ Who are those FREAKS!!??”, I asked Tyla, sitting next to me. “Obviously, their teachers from another planet!”, she then replied.

 It was then time for three more items. This Immersion Assembly was AMAZING and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Whale in DANGER!!

Known for it’s complex songs and outstanding breaching, the humpback whale is one of the most loved mammals in the WORLD!

One day while motoring in the refreshing waters of the Cortez sea, whale investigator Micheal Fishbach, his family and friends had an unlikely opportunity to help one of these most AMAZING creatures.

 As they were boating Micheal and his passengers identified a humpback whale floating in the sea. There were no signs of life. Suddenly, the creature forcefully exhaled, sending water spraying!! It was alive.

 Severely entangled in a nylon net, the whale was close to death. Micheal swam up to the whale. Snorkeling around it, he realised that the tail fluke and pectoral fins were. The whale was not only frightened and fatigued, but so was Micheal.

It was time to cut it free. 1 small knife was the only thing they had. The tail fluke was tangled tragically in the nylon. The pectoral fins were dangerously pinned to the side of the alarmed whale. A frantic hour of cutting and exhaustion, Valentina(the Whale), was free.

 As they boated back to shore, breaches and tail slaps were preformed by Valentina as a gratitude of thankfulness. A marvelous display was put on for over an hour.

 This emotional story is full of happiness and sadness. I hope there are absolutely NO violence towards whales! EVER!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My AWESOME Duffy Books!

These are Duffy books that are a gift to us from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club that have done a BIG gratitude of kindness to us by paying for these books!

  The books that I got were EJ12 by Lemonfizz Media. It is a story about a normal girl that is also a SPY! My other books was Horrorland: Welcome to Camp Slither by R.L. Stine. This book is about two kids, Heather and Boone, that go to Summer Camp. Boone then joins guests from HorrorLand. Something then go's VERY wrong on a bumper car ride named the R.I.P.P.E.R.!..................

The Me POEM!!!!

Siblings of Johnny and Crusader
Lover of music,black and pizza
Who fears snakes
Who needs my OWN violin
Who gives money to World Vision and love
Who would like to see my room in black and Lady Gaga in concert
Resident of Otahuhu
Mafutaga Aana

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yummy Ice-Cream!!

Ice-Cream is one of the essentials to well, a party, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. It also comes in MANY different flavors. Vanilla is the most FAMOUS flavor in the WORLD!! The rich texture and uprising flavor has won the hearts of  thousands or even millions of people in the world, including me.(My favorite flavor is Chocolate though!) This REFRESHING desert is made of mostly dairy products. Main ingredients are milk, ice, water, cream and sugar. Gelato, sorbet and frozen custard are other names for this desert. Some people in the Persian Empire sometimes poured grape juice over snow as a little treat. Ice-Cream recipes first appeared in America and England in 1718. This WONDERFUL desert is a joy to EVERYONE!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Manu Samoa are the BEST!!

It was time and it was the day when I knew that Manu Samoa were going to beat Namibia. I know I'm a supporter of Namibia, but nothing can beat Samoa!

  Manu Samoa have been playing in this GREAT sporting event since 1991, but they haven't brought the cup home yet. I have a feeling hey are going to win this year!
The final score for Samoa versus Namibia was 49-12 to SAMOA!! I think( OR MAYBE I KNOW,) that Samoa will NEVER EVER give up on anything, especially RUGBY!!

Me and Teresa!

This is me and one of my favorite cousins Teresa. She is VERY fun to play with and she supports me in no matter what I do. Plus, we have SO much in common!We both love L&P, we have net-books and we both LOVE to swim! (We are both SMART TOO!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Badminton!!

It was Thursday. It was time. I rushed to be the first in the line. We then went to our brown, clean, soon to be fun filled hall. I saw our instructor. Her name was Lorene. She was a PRO at the sport we were going to play. She was going to be our instructor for all the days we were going to come to badminton. When my got my racket, I grasped onto it, it was my first time mastering the art of badminton. I held onto my short, sea coloured blue and white racket. Badminton is a sport of technique and speed. It’s kind of like tennis, but even BETTER!! For this UNIQUE sport, there are long and short rackets. Sometimes it is tricky to aim. The harder you hit, further the shuttle soars in the air! Of course, the shuttle TECHNICALLY has wings!! Our first activity was hitting the shuttle. Wait a minute. Do you know what a shuttle is? It is the thing that you hit when you play badminton. It has about 12 feathers on top of the base, the weighted rubber end. Anyways, moving on!! I threw this bird look alike into the air. We had to see how many times we could hit it. I tried to hit and....... MISS!! I was raging with ANGER!!!!! I knew I could do it with just perseverance and determination. Next thing you know, I have a volley of hits. I was proud. On our next activity, we had to pick a partner. You might think this easy, but trust it is NOT! We had to the shuttle to each other........................................... UNDER OUR LEGS!! Lorene said it would be easier if you closed your eyes, but trust me, it works. After that, it was cone catching time. It is when you get a cone, a shuttle, a partner and of course, a racket! You or your partner hit the shuttle to each other. The other person has to catch it in the cone. I don’t mean to brag, but, I think I was a PRO at that one!! I caught that little bird!! We had a few more activities, then we went back to class. I LOVE badminton and I know that me, my friends and everyone else in the world has a unique talent! I think my NEW talent is BADMINTON!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Tired!!

My heart was pumping. I was really nervous, even though my friend, Tyla, and I weren't running in Cross Country!! We were SO happy! The 9,10 and 11 year olds in our school had to run 2 WHOLE kilometers. That's a LONG way!!

 I saw the cute little kids lining up to race against each other. Their race was WAY shorter then Team Four's. I could imagine the pain my five friends were going through. Two kilometers of pain, hunger and most of all............... lots of MUD! The boys LOVE this squishy, brown, manure looking mud.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" Mr Burt shouted! Off went the 5 year old girls!! My heart was pumping and I just wanted to see Sina win!! My screaming lungs almost ran out of breath. Not only did they have aching muscles, but so did I. I felt jittery and jumpy! "She runs, she runs and a win from the beautiful Sina!" I shouted. I knew she could do it!

 There were a few more races and then Tyla and I went to the edge of a gate near the farm next to our school. My friend’s cousin  was cheering next to us with her friends. Tyla and I were cheering on my brother when he dashed and scampered on to the finish line.

 I expected lots from my friend Ashlee! She’s usually the energetic one and I hoped to see her first out of all of my friends. It turns out she wasn’t really feeling FULL of energy today!! I saw Jorja come first out of my friends. It was pretty unusual. She never really likes physical education! She only likes it when I’M with her. That’s how close WE are!! But, TODAY I think she didn’t need me. THEN it was Ashlee, Kaycee and the last one was Porscha. I expected more from her too!!!

 I really enjoyed Cross Country this year and I really kind of didn’t like that I didn’t participate. Next year maybe it will be a little bit shorter and THEN I can run!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Extension Digestive Movie

This is a movie created by a little group that I was in for Extension. It is just facts AND AWESOME animations from my group! I animated a part about the oesophagus, a tube in your body!! We has to do this AMAZING project to teach people about the Digestive System. Believe me, even I didn't know about these facts!! That's enough talking from me!! Watch this AWESOME movie and find out yourself........

One of the parts are REALLY funny, but also gross!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This AMAZING Organ!!

Guess what?! Our liver has more than 500 jobs. I know you're how a liver could do SOOOOO many things!! It does all these things because it's the largest organ in our body's. One of the livers MAIN jobs is to store all the vitamins, minerals and fats that we need. You then use some of these things when you need it.

The liver is placed on the right hand side of your stomach. The size of it is like a small melon! Yes, that's big!!!! Behind a side of this incredible organ is the gall bladder. These two body parts work together. They work together to ooze biles.

It's Raining Snow!!

A big commotion took place in New Zealand because of the snow flurry in the South Island and some of it the North Island. Buckets of snow rained down on New Zealand. I had NEVER touched snow before. This white pleasure drifted down onto me! In my DREAM!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Weirdos!!

Have you ever heard off the saying, “ Keep Your Eye on the Ball”? Well, that’s what we are learning about- the Rugby World Cup!! We found this out at our Immersion Assembly!

An Immersion Assembly is when mostly the WHOLE school gathers together to learn about a new topic for the beginning of a term or a new year. Most teachers dress up and make up an item or movie.

As I got closer and closer to the hall where we had our Immersion Assembly, I heard the chanting voice of an old man! Guess what, it was the small Mr Jacobson!! I slowly sat down and stared at the multi-coloured face that was owned by Mr J. “Ireland!”, Mr J kept on shouting!!! “ What’s wrong Finley”, I thought to myself but I knew it was Mr J! I heard the theme song for the RUGBY WORLD CUP! I started to sing along to it.

Suddenly, I saw Richie McCaw walk into the hall!!! Just kidding....... It was Mr Burt! He wore a big All Blacks rugby jersey. My favourite item was Team 3!!

Team 3 was SOOOOO funny, that it almost made me laugh until I died!! You’re probably wondering what was SOOOOO funny! Well, Mrs Barks was telling us some facts about the All Black’s breakfast- which was Weet Bix. Then, I got a shock from the colorful bodies that I saw going up the stage. It was Ms Walters, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Burnes!! Ms Walters was the Canadian rugby, Ms Burnes was France and Mrs Lavakula was the ALMIGHTY All Blacks!!! They had to get one kid for each team to help them in their SUPER FUN challenge. The kids were Jay-Lee, Levi and Tauwhare. The challenge was that the teachers were going to eat Weet Bix, but they weren't going to use their hands, they were going to use the kids hands behind what them. Luckily, the teachers still ate the cereal! All the Weet Bix was going ALL over the Ms Burnes desk and all the laughs that were trapped inside my body came out!!!! Mrs Lavakula won! I was so sad that the team 3’s item was finished.

I can’t wait what’s in store for us next term because I love Immersion Assembly's from all the funny or maybe horrific and terrific things that the teachers sometimes do.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It was Wednesday. It was time. My mum, my friends and I went on the bus with the feeling of excitement. My mum hadn't been here in a LONG time, so the excitement of her was pretty obvious. Mostly ALL of the kids in our class had their parents come over. I didn’t really except that. We got on the bus. I sang with a voice of a bird, “We are going to M.O.T.A.T,we are going M.O.T.A.T!”. We got on the bus and I sat next to my friends grandma.

When we got to the fascinating place, we met and had morning tea in one of the classrooms at M.O.T.A.T. After that, we headed off to the Tactile Dome. I heard that it was so dark, that when you close, you can see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that was what it looked like!! We met two men named Andrew and Tony and they were our instructors. We had to take off our shoes and loose gear. Me and my friends were the first ones to go in. My heart was pounding with and excitement. I knew the first few obstacles because my brother went there a week before us. I lead the WHOLE way and I was really proud of myself and so was my mum.

We then wandered around the AWESOME museum and went to the Mirror Maze first. It was really confusing and I saw thousands of the same friends of mine. The it was the Arcade Room. It was my brothers FAVORITE PLACE!! It was a room filled with free arcade games. I liked it, but I must admit, some of the other kids from another school were being a little bit GREEDY!!

We wandered some more and then we went to the classroom again to have lunch.

We wandered in the I Am The Last Tram area and then headed off to one of the upstairs classrooms. I found out that the tea bag was actually an invention made accident. I also learned that a toothpaste tube squeezer actually exists! After that we did some more wandering around and then met up and went back to school.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Stanley Steamer!

This is a movie that my friends and I made! It was SOOOOOO much fun and we did all by ourselves!!Hope you enjoyed!!!

The Stanley Steamer from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hidden Matariki!

Have you ever heard of "Hidden Talents" on Disney Channel? Well, the Year 5 & 6 Extension group had a challenge to put together a movie just like that, but you have to guess what MATARIKI is! This is me and my friends Hidden Matariki! We hope you enjoy this little game!

My Swimming Movie!

With my teeth chattering and the spray flying from the other kids,I felt really cold!The coldness made me cough and splutter.Even though I was very buoyant,I gasped for breath while I was doing freestyle.A shock of cold was the only thing that electrified my body,even though the water was deliciously warm.

  I pushed of the wall with a powerful kick and determination.As soon as I sunk down into the water,I grasped onto the flutter-board,so I then again became very buoyant.I kicked furiously with coordinated movements to the other end of the pool.

 When it was time to do the backstroke,I glided gracefully on the water. I then submerged down into the turquoise colored aqua because another kid pushed me.I bobbed around because I thought that I was drowning.It was time to get out of blue,runny pleasure.

 I was shivering and shaking.I still had a gulp of water in my mouth,but I was too cold to realise.I went into the changing rooms.I put on my two thick layered jumpers and headed back to school.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancing to The Top!

Kherington Taylor Payne,was born on 26 January,1990.The talented dancer,singer,actor and reality star,is currently 21 and is part of the television show,"The Dance Scene",on the gossip channel E!.She is so AWESOME at dancing,that she was one of the top 10 finalists in "So You Think You Can Dance".

Born in Whittier,California,Kherington is the daughter of Sheri Ashe and Rick Payne.She formally took dance lessons at the age of 2.Her lessons aren't over yet!!The famous choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson works with her in the reality dance show "The Dance Scene".Graduated from El Dorado High School,Payne now lives in Placentia,California.She is pursuing her dance dreams and career.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Queen Monster!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is better known as Lady Gaga,her stage name.The famous singer-songwriter was born on the day 28 of March in 1986 in New York City,United States.She is best known for her hit songs Just Dance and Pokerface.The genres of these famous hit and actually all of the rest of her songs are pop and dance.The most talented instruments that Stefani (Gaga)play are her vocals,the keytar,piano and the synthesizer.

Her occupations were and are Singer-songwriter, performance artist,record producer, dancer, businesswoman, activist.She was the first born child of her father Joseph Germanotta which was Italian,American.Guess what!........She teamed up with the famous singer Elton John.They did a duet for the song for the AWESOME movie "Knomeo and Juliet"!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Past Connections

I also had lots of fun making this movie too!The crew for this movie were intelligent,funny and supportive!They were as hard working as me and it is such an honour to have been in their movie too.Tyla,Kaycee and Calvin(The actors in this AWESOME movie!)have really a BIG help to me too!!I thank them SO MUCH!

Past Connections from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

P.S.I was like a special guest!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brave Men and Women

This is our year five and six Extension movie that we made for the I AM Making Movies 2 contest.The path that we took through our first movie making competition was ABSOLUTELY wonderful!This is the process that we made in this movie is the wonderful story of a struggling family INCLUDING the mother.Her husband has gone to war and it is hard for her AND her kids.Hope you enjoyed this AWESOME movie!!!!

Brave men AND women from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

P.S.I'm not really in it that much!!!Thanks to our Extension teacher too!!!She is AWESOME!!!!

Rolling in Adele!!

Adele is an AWESOME singer.She inspires just like Katy Perry too.Not only does she have a unique voice,she also has a unique talent too......Songwriting.

Her charming single,Rolling in the Deep,crested to number one in the charts in countries like Canada,Italy,Netherlands,Belgium,Switzerland and Germany.It also became in the top ten hit New Zealand,United States,Denmark,Ireland and Norway.Adele's idea
and description of her top hit is a dark blues,gospel kind of disco tune.It also appears in her album 21.It was then came out on the day,29 November,2010 in the Netherlands.


Some scientists and mathematicians in the Ancient world were not as good as Archimedes.Who is Archimedes?You are probably wondering who is he.He was a mathematician and an inventor in the Ancient Greek days.He was the last Greek mathematician.Not only was he known as the wise one,but he was also known as the master too.

Born in Syracuse,Sicily,2086 B.C,he probably got his interest of maths from his father,Phidias.His father was an astronomer,a scientific studier of heavenly bodies.Some days he was so interested in trying to solve mathematical problems,that he may have forgotten to eat!!I would not want to be him!

He invented the Claw,the ship shaking construction.It was invented in 2014 B.C.It was useful for warding off ships.The right arm was used to lift,sink and drop on an attacking ship with a large hook.It was controlled by a pulley system and also two poles.It’s also used to pick up toys in stuff toy machines.FUN!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Invention of Scissors!

Have you ever wondered who invented scissors?I f you didn’t know,this modern day tool was invented by the Ancient Egyptians. With only a single piece of piece of metal, this was still a great help for them.

In these trendy days, they are modified into a multitude of sizes. From hedge clippers to wire snipers, scissors are useful no matter what kind of shape and size.

Have you ever wandered who invented scissors?If you didn’t know,this modern day tool was invented by the Ancient Egyptians.With only a single piece of piece of metal,this was still a great help for them.

In these trendy days,they are modified into a multitude of sizes.From hedge clippers to wire snipers,scissors are useful no matter what kind of shapes and sizes.

What is Chewing Gum?

Have you ever wondered who created Chewing Gum?It was a man named Adam Smith.One day,he was in his rubber factory.He found a lump of chicle from the sap of a gum tree.Just for absolute fun,he decided to pop it into his mouth.He chewed and chewed like there was no tomorrow,but it all still stayed whole.

He then had an idea.He heated it up and added a mint flavor.He decided to call it “Chewing Gum.”He wanted to sell it.

In the year 1872,shopkeepers decline to sell it in their shops.So the Tutti Fruity company brought the gum and made it in a small factory.You can buy it in slot machines while your waiting at the railway stations!
Have you ever wondered who created Chewing Gum?It was a man named Adam Smith.One day,he was in his rubber factory.He found a lump of chicle from the sap of a gum tree.Just for absolute fun,he decided to pop it into his mouth.He chewed and chewed like there was no tomorrow,but it all still stayed whole.

He then had an idea.He heated it up and added a mint flavor.He decided to call it “Chewing Gum.”He wanted to sell it.

In the year 1872,shopkeepers declined to sell it in their shops.So the Tutti Fruity company brought the gum and made it in a small factory. You could buy it in slot machines while you were waiting at the railway stations!

Thermal Plesures!!!!

For my AWESOME Easter holiday we all went to Waiwera Thermal Pools! Did you know that it was also our family reunion so much lots of relatives all staying together.It was so fun and my heart was pumping with energy to go on every single slide and go in every single pool!

At the beginning of the day, my four aunties, my uncle, my cousins and I were on our way to another house at Waiwera.We went there to have breakfast that my cousin's mum made. My other cousins and one of their parents arrived from their cabins too.We stayed there for the rest of the morning and then got ready to walk to the pools.

When we got there, I was exhausted from all the walking!!I just could'nt wait to swim but we had to wait for about two hours until everyone arrived. It was sooo boring. When everyone got there, we had a really long prayer before we did our items.

I was really scared!! I couldn't wait until it was all over and done with,but guess what.....I had to do ANOTHER item!!!Both of my items were a tribute to my great grandfather."I am going to do well in the item! I am going to go good in the item!",I kept saying to myself!

As soon as our items were over,I was relieved that I didn't make any mistake while we were dancing!It was then time for my cousins,auntie and uncles dance.When all of the items were completed,I marveled at the glorious yummy food inside the pots.It was obviously time to eat!

I reached for my auntie's secret mushroom chowder and placed it on my plate.I also picked up some salad and sausages.As soon as I was finished,I either had to decide if I wanted to do some activities with my uncle Jack,or go to the pools and slides.I just couldn't decide! I picked the pools! Well, mostly all the kids did! Even though I felt sorry for my uncle, I got changed anyway.

I had to wait for my mum to get changed, but Gabriel, my cousin, said that she could keep an eye out on me.The first slide that we went on was the long, Grinch like coloured, two slided"Twister"! I stammered when it was our turn to go inside it! As soon as the security guard said we could slide down, I just closed my eyes and pretended like I was inside a calm hot pool,then,"AHH,get me out,get me out!!",I screamed while I was half way through the slide. When I got to the bottom,I wanted to go on it again!!!I never knew that it would be so much fun!So I did. I went on it about 4 more times.

Then I tried the dark,fast turning "Black Hole"!It was so dark and scary,that even my mum and dad didn't want to go in it!When I got to the bottom of that one,I didn't really want to go in it again.

In the afternoon, it was then time to unleash the fast, yellow, other two slided "Speed Slide"!!! It was another scary slide because it was as fast as a racing car going at full speed! Even though it was really deep at the bottom,I still wanted to go on it some more! I wanted to go on it because it was my dad,my auntie,my cousins and my two brother's favorite slide!

After all of the slides,I went in the movie pool. It was so hot. I went out because I couldn't really handle it that much!

It was time to go and get changed.I went with my mum and after we went into our meeting room.I literally filled my plate with easter eggs and cake as a snack.We all got an easter egg each and then we headed off to our homes.

I really had fun and I would really like to go there again!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swimming Through Acrostic Poems!!!!

S ubmerge
W ater
I s very easy and also hard
M ostly fun!
M ostly easy
I t is sad that some people die from try to do it!:(
N ever give up on it!
G ulp of water

Best Ways of How to Swim!

In order to be a successful swimmer, you may follow these instructions. Take a powerful kick off the wall and submerge into the water. When you are doing freestyle,a key tip is to take a scoop while you are rolling to breath. While you are rolling to breath,a breathing position is to lie your on your arm. You become very buoyant when you use proper coordinated movements in the water.

When you are doing backstroke, lie on your back in the water and then put your tummy up not too high, but also not too low too.Then you can float for as long as you want!! Always do steady kicks and try and glide on the water.

Monday, May 23, 2011


"Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"exclaimed Ms Squires."We're going to the pools!"she then shouted again and again."Woo-Hoo," I yelped with excitement. I ran to the door with not only my friends,but with a humongous grin on my face. We walked to the pools.
When I entered the pools, I could already imagine the feel of the buoyant steady strokes of mine through the deliciously warm water. I couldn't wait to get into the pool.I wanted to swim because I wanted to learn how to save myself or others from dangerous problems or situations if we were in the water.

As soon as I finished getting changed, I took a brisk walk to the showers. With difficulty I couldn't get out of the showers! The thermal water felt so sincere and hostile.I finally got out with a warm welcome to the edge of the pool from my two friends, Tyla and Porscha. I never thought that it would be cold when I had put my toes in the water while I was waiting to get in."OK.In you go!", said the reliever who was covering for Mr Somerville. My friend was actually before me. I saw her powerful kicks and coordinated movements. It was my turn.

I submerged under the water which made me feel like a mermaid.Suddenly,I emerged back up and started doing freestyle.Gasping for breath,a gulp of water slithered down my throat!At the end of my turn,I had a very confusing and challenging thing happen!.......................I couldn't get out of the pool!I couldn't believe that two people had to help me out.The same thing happened over and over again.

"Come on kids",the reliever said."Get out of the pool."
"Lets go to the changing rooms," I said to Porscha and Tyla."Ahhhh!!!"I yelped. Not only did I have absolutely NO grin on my face,but I had a face with teeth chattering.We got changed and headed back to our AWESOME school.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bigger,Better,Stronger,Faster and WEIRDER!

Every term,we have an Immersion Assembly,but it isn't just any Immersion Assembly. It is a wacky assembly!From women dressed up as men,to our principle dressing up as Star Wars characters,mostly all of the teachers were wearing weird clothes and even things.

"Wooh!Look at Ms Burnes!",I said my friends Porscha and Tyla. While we were giggling,all we heard was gasping and breathing!None of the teachers had microphones. "Who is gasping into a microphone",I was thinking to myself. Out of nowhere,"Dark Vader" from Stars Wars appeared!"Who's the freak?I think I've seen him in Star Wars. "I said to Tyla.As soon as he or it started talked,I knew straight away that it was Mr Burt.I knew it was him because he was the only one who wasn't there in the hall.

"Give it up for Team 3!",Mr Burt said.A ginormous beaker of mixed chemical came and got tossed out of nowhere by Albert Einstein or was it Ms Burnes?!I suddenly heard the first few notes to Justin Bieber’s "Baby".Mrs Lavakula and the other three teachers changed to their own version about washing our hands to make us “Better”.Also instead of “Ludacris” rapping, it was the awesome Mrs Lavakula saying words in the song,but not with any typical melody.”Woohooo!!!Go Mrs Lavakula!”, I shouted out from the amazed looking audience.Suddenly,as soon as they were almost finished,they got out a spray bottle each.They all jumped of the stage and literally sprayed us with water.”Come Mrs Barks.Spray me!I’m hot!”,I shouted to my teacher from last year.As soon as it was all over I moaned and grumbled as the freaky teachers sat back on their seats.

It was time for the other 2 teams.I was so happy when every single Team did performed and talked about their facts that they learned about.I can’t wait what they have in store for us next Term!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Positive,Minus and Interesting!

A PMI stands for Positive,Minus and Interesting and this is mine to tell you about our progress in our movies for the I Am Making Movies 2 contest that were entering this year.My journey through movie making has been fun and some of it has even been very difficult,from kind of getting my costume inaccurate,to laughing during one my scenes when I was supposed to cry,it was all worth it!

One of my positives is the very talented actors.They have helped me learn what a real actors job is like!

Another positive is the scripts!I have written only third scene for one of the movies,but I have also learn’t how hard it is for a script writer in professionals job is.

The fun that we’ve had during the movie making helped me get to know lot’s of people very well,that’s why it’s one of my Positives.

The people that I got to know have been an inspiration because they are very talented people,from the editors to the actors,they have been a great help!

Then there’s the Minus!One of my Minus is the inacurrate costumes.Including me.

A very interesting thing is when we have to do thing over and over again but from differrent angles.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poisonous Snakes!

Have you ever wondered how a poisonous snake bites?A poisonous snake carries it’s venom in two poison sacs.The sacs are next to the two upper jaws. The two sacs are also next to the snakes teeth we call fangs.

The two fangs are connected to the two sacs.The poison runs from the sacs to the two fangs.The poison runs in the middle.

The moment the snake bites, the poison is forced through the flesh into the body. You better watch out!

My Haiku About My Friends

A Haiku is a Japanese poem that doesn't have to rhyme and it usually has 5 solubles in the first sentence,7 syllables in the second one and 5 syllables again for the last one. Here's my and I hope you enjoy it!

My Friends

I love all my friends,

All of them make me feel loved,

Just like my parents!

This or That?

Chocolate or Licorice


Pepsi or Coke


McDonalds or Burgerking


Laptop or PS3


Violin or Guitar


Dress or Jeans


Last,but not least...

Glee or Shortland Street

Shortland Street

The Sun

The Sun is just another normal star that is made of a gas called hydrogen,but it forms into another gas call helium at it's core.(It's center)People believe the Sun is 1,390,000 km.(863,746 miles)It is very hard for people to believe that the Sun is only half way through it's life,even though it was born 4.6 BILLION years ago!Thats alot of years!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Acroustic about Porscha

Puts up with alot of things!
Other things she does is so kind!....
Really awesome!
Sticks up for me!
Can't stand arguments!
Hates things that are scary
Always going to be my friend,no matter what!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scared at First!.........

With excitement,Jorja,Tyla(my BEST friends!) and I climbed the steep steps on my way to the Swimarama hydro-slide.I could hear lots of people’s echoing voices from the middle of the staircase where we were standing.

When we finally got there,I was scared,but when I saw Jorja go first,I was as confident as ever!!The first time I went,I wanted to go on it some more and so did my friends!.....We went on it as much as we could before our teams turn was finished.We only had five turns on it and that’s not really alot of turns for us kids!

Skating at Camp....

I entered the skating rink with confidence and skillful paces. I glided gracefully at tremendous speed with the wind blowing in my hair.I was just watching Uili glide backwards across the skate rink.I was so jealous!

Then it was time to race....”All girls who want to race, report to the skate rink,” Richard (the old man who worked there) said,or something like that! I was ready to race and I was also full of energy too.

It was Jay-Lee,Tyla-Marie, Mary, Tui and me who was going to race.We all heard the word GO and off we went. We had to do three whole laps round the skating rink.When it was half way through,I didn’t realise that the floor was so slippery,I fell and cried! I was so embarrassed! ”AHHHH!” I yelled out. My dad helped me get up and I lost the race, of course!!!! I got bumps and bruises on my legs and my butt!

My dad said “Your OK,your OK!” so I believed him and I got back on to the skating rink!I can’t wait till I learn how to skate backwards!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Digital Story

Jonita's Digital Story from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

This is my first time working on a digital story and here it is!I did it all in extension class and I was the first one to finish even though I was really behind!I hope you enjoy it!.......

Thanks to Erin and Dr Barrett for helping us create this movie!We will miss you!!..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toe Sized Crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an awesome time at our school picnic at the Pt England Reserve!Our whole school went and my dad also came to help out.

First,the whole school had to meet in the hall before we all went.Then off we went!As soon as we got there,I had no more energy from all the walking!Then the whole school had to meet again.

When the meeting was finished, I quickly ran to our spot and ate.As soon as I was done, my friend Kaycee and I rapidly ran to the beach, to look for crabs! That was the only thing that we were looking forward to!!!!!!

We cautiously started looking for crabs under the sharp edged oyster rocks to see if there were any. It turned out some of them only had shrimps under them! But the first crab we caught was blue. It was scuttling left to right trying to get away from us.Luckily,we caught it! We also caught some really huge ones that were about the same size as my big toe!!!!!!!! Unfortunately,we got bored and so I gave them away to my cousin.:(

After-that, we made clay cannon balls from the hidden clay under the damp sand. I kept on getting dirty and my dad kept getting angry at me!

Friday, February 18, 2011

All About Me!

Talofa,my name is Jonita.I come from the beautiful island of Samoa, but I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born on July. I have two brothers and my wonderful mum and dad.

My favourite sports are netball, baseball and swimming. My sports hero is Maria Tutaia from the Silver Ferns. I love her because she is supportive, a good sport and she is very good at shooting. Did you know that she shot the last point for the Silver Ferns at the Commonwealth Games when they were versing Australia?

I love to sing and dance. My favourite pop star right now is an artist called Katy Perry. I also love her new song E.T. Her songs inspire me and make me feel like I can do anything and be anything that's why I look up to her. I also love some of her clothes because they look very yummy and colorful.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Acrostic Poem About Jorja

Jokes around alot
On time
Joyful(Like Me!)
Always looks gorgeous

Right about everything
Obviously cute
Says positive things
Everything she does is kind

Getting Our New Netbooks

I was so excited when I heard that there was a change of plans of when we were going to get our netbooks so we got our netbooks on Friday.Then it was time!!I saw Mrs Burt started walking into the room with three boxes of the new netbooks.I thought it was mine but I guess I was wrong.I saw my little box of my new netbook.I felt so happy when we were about to open these wonderful little laptops!I turned mine on then I set up my user name and password to log in....I was about to play a game,then....OFF IT WENT!I thought that would be the happiest day of my life but no it wasn't.

My Acrostic Poem

Joyful and funny
On schedule
Never says never
Is never tired
Tries as hard as she can
Always takes charge

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun At The Pools!

I had so much fun when we had a big family day out at the Papatoetoe Pools! We spent most of the the day in the outside pools because it was a very hot day.

All of my cousins and and aunties and uncles came! I mostly loved it when I got to hold my baby nephew in the pool. He laughed and laughed until he had the hiccups because he loves it when people chase him while he's being held!! I love his smile,that's why I loved that part of the day.

After three or four hours,we ate lots of fruit and sandwiches and headed off back home!
Straight after that,was poker night!!!!