Monday, November 7, 2011

Eating Comets!

With Ms Squires( Our teacher) walking in, I was already eagerly waiting for the delectable treats that we were going to enjoy. Oh yeah, on Tuesday the 1st of November 2011, we ate COMETS!! "That's not possible", your probably thinking. Well it is.

 First we made the dust which was actually just crushing assorted biscuits, 100's and 1000's and chocolate sprinkles.Chirping and cheering, I was the first one to crush the mixture.. "BOOM, BOOM BOOM!", they went. My turn was then finished. When all of the crushing was over, Ms Squires carefully placed it on the Twister mat. It was time to scoop the rocks!

 Waiting to get my edible rock, Ms Squires scooped up the chocolate flavoured ice-cream with ease. It was then my turn. With the ice-cream dripping through my fingers, I didn't care. I carefully walked to the dust and dunked it into the crushed mixture. After all was done, I went out side and ate it.

 While eating the magnificent treat, my fingers were starting to get numb. With ice-cream melting everywhere, I wanted to go inside. Scavenging for more, I got a second comet! We then tidied up the yummy mess.

 I enjoyed this activity and I hope that you if YOU make it, then you will like it  too, thanks to Ms Squires!!! With a sigh I said good bye to my wonderful friend, Comet, as he flew back to space, or my stomach!!


Ice-Cream(Whatever flavour you like, better with chocolate)
100's and 1000's
Chocolate Sprinkles

1. Crush biscuits until dust like.
2. Add the sprinkles and 100's and 1000's and mix
3.Scoop ice-cream then dunk and roll it in dust until completly covered
4. Put in a cone and ENJOY!

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  1. Hello Jonita!
    My name is Brittany Grogan and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama in the United States. What a fun project!! I know you all had a great time! I love projects that involve food. It is great when you can learn and enjoy what you are doing. I want some ice cream now. I also really like your blog. You have done a wonderful job. Well I hope you have a great school year!


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