Thursday, September 5, 2013

Small Country. Big Costs.

The problem in New Zealand today? The rate of obesity and diabetic issues that our country is known for. Most of this effects the Polynesian society. Suburbs with big amounts of Pacific residents like Otahuhu, Mangere and Glen Innes, are known for the large quantity of fast food restaurants. I believe that we should shut down most fast food restaurants, due to the vulnerability of Pacific children and parents.

          It is most likely that McDonalds, Carls Junior and Burger King were built in our communities to make the Pacific youth used to the lifestyle of regular bad eating habits. Most of our society don’t know what’s really in our food, better yet care, but statistics show that the rate of obesity levels from Polynesians increased by 20% over the last year.

          Statistics in 2007 and 2008 showed that Pacific children aged 2 – 12 years, did not have breakfast at home every day. I think this is because they were most likely to buy it from local takeaways and fast food restaurants. Polynesian teenagers are not as academically advanced as Pakeha students, and it’s caused by the lack of focus in class from bad eating habits, to not even having breakfast. Crusader Faletagoai, a local school boy, says that McDonalds posters almost cry to him every morning on his way to school.

          It is most likely that Pacific children are 3 times more likely to get diabetes rather than other New Zealanders. Parents waste money buying takeaways, while being too lazy to make their own healthy choices for their family. It is known by everyone that vegetables are cheaper than buying pre-packaged, disgusting and expensive junk food.

          In conclusion, I believe that we should shut down fast food restaurants in Pacific communities. It is important to maintain a good lifestyle, but best to have a healthy one as well.

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  1. Hi Jonita, What a thought provoking post with some very interesting perspectives. It is very sad that issues like obesity and diabetes can be linked to a particular community.

    I like the way you have clearly researched this and even interviewed a young man for commentary.

    The one statement I disagree with is this
    Polynesian teenagers are not as academically advanced as Pakeha students

    At Pt England School we have a significant number of Polynesian students who are academically advanced and so does Tamaki College near by. Did you know that a Tamaki College student, Alvina Pau'uvale, discovered the way to halt a disease that is killing New Zealand's kauri trees?

    Keep up the fabulous work

    Mrs Burt


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