Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Extension Digestive Movie

This is a movie created by a little group that I was in for Extension. It is just facts AND AWESOME animations from my group! I animated a part about the oesophagus, a tube in your body!! We has to do this AMAZING project to teach people about the Digestive System. Believe me, even I didn't know about these facts!! That's enough talking from me!! Watch this AWESOME movie and find out yourself........

One of the parts are REALLY funny, but also gross!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This AMAZING Organ!!

Guess what?! Our liver has more than 500 jobs. I know you're how a liver could do SOOOOO many things!! It does all these things because it's the largest organ in our body's. One of the livers MAIN jobs is to store all the vitamins, minerals and fats that we need. You then use some of these things when you need it.

The liver is placed on the right hand side of your stomach. The size of it is like a small melon! Yes, that's big!!!! Behind a side of this incredible organ is the gall bladder. These two body parts work together. They work together to ooze biles.

It's Raining Snow!!

A big commotion took place in New Zealand because of the snow flurry in the South Island and some of it the North Island. Buckets of snow rained down on New Zealand. I had NEVER touched snow before. This white pleasure drifted down onto me! In my DREAM!!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Your Eye on the Weirdos!!

Have you ever heard off the saying, “ Keep Your Eye on the Ball”? Well, that’s what we are learning about- the Rugby World Cup!! We found this out at our Immersion Assembly!

An Immersion Assembly is when mostly the WHOLE school gathers together to learn about a new topic for the beginning of a term or a new year. Most teachers dress up and make up an item or movie.

As I got closer and closer to the hall where we had our Immersion Assembly, I heard the chanting voice of an old man! Guess what, it was the small Mr Jacobson!! I slowly sat down and stared at the multi-coloured face that was owned by Mr J. “Ireland!”, Mr J kept on shouting!!! “ What’s wrong Finley”, I thought to myself but I knew it was Mr J! I heard the theme song for the RUGBY WORLD CUP! I started to sing along to it.

Suddenly, I saw Richie McCaw walk into the hall!!! Just kidding....... It was Mr Burt! He wore a big All Blacks rugby jersey. My favourite item was Team 3!!

Team 3 was SOOOOO funny, that it almost made me laugh until I died!! You’re probably wondering what was SOOOOO funny! Well, Mrs Barks was telling us some facts about the All Black’s breakfast- which was Weet Bix. Then, I got a shock from the colorful bodies that I saw going up the stage. It was Ms Walters, Mrs Lavakula and Mrs Burnes!! Ms Walters was the Canadian rugby, Ms Burnes was France and Mrs Lavakula was the ALMIGHTY All Blacks!!! They had to get one kid for each team to help them in their SUPER FUN challenge. The kids were Jay-Lee, Levi and Tauwhare. The challenge was that the teachers were going to eat Weet Bix, but they weren't going to use their hands, they were going to use the kids hands behind what them. Luckily, the teachers still ate the cereal! All the Weet Bix was going ALL over the Ms Burnes desk and all the laughs that were trapped inside my body came out!!!! Mrs Lavakula won! I was so sad that the team 3’s item was finished.

I can’t wait what’s in store for us next term because I love Immersion Assembly's from all the funny or maybe horrific and terrific things that the teachers sometimes do.