Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Whale in DANGER!!

Known for it’s complex songs and outstanding breaching, the humpback whale is one of the most loved mammals in the WORLD!

One day while motoring in the refreshing waters of the Cortez sea, whale investigator Micheal Fishbach, his family and friends had an unlikely opportunity to help one of these most AMAZING creatures.

 As they were boating Micheal and his passengers identified a humpback whale floating in the sea. There were no signs of life. Suddenly, the creature forcefully exhaled, sending water spraying!! It was alive.

 Severely entangled in a nylon net, the whale was close to death. Micheal swam up to the whale. Snorkeling around it, he realised that the tail fluke and pectoral fins were. The whale was not only frightened and fatigued, but so was Micheal.

It was time to cut it free. 1 small knife was the only thing they had. The tail fluke was tangled tragically in the nylon. The pectoral fins were dangerously pinned to the side of the alarmed whale. A frantic hour of cutting and exhaustion, Valentina(the Whale), was free.

 As they boated back to shore, breaches and tail slaps were preformed by Valentina as a gratitude of thankfulness. A marvelous display was put on for over an hour.

 This emotional story is full of happiness and sadness. I hope there are absolutely NO violence towards whales! EVER!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My AWESOME Duffy Books!

These are Duffy books that are a gift to us from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club that have done a BIG gratitude of kindness to us by paying for these books!

  The books that I got were EJ12 by Lemonfizz Media. It is a story about a normal girl that is also a SPY! My other books was Horrorland: Welcome to Camp Slither by R.L. Stine. This book is about two kids, Heather and Boone, that go to Summer Camp. Boone then joins guests from HorrorLand. Something then go's VERY wrong on a bumper car ride named the R.I.P.P.E.R.!..................

The Me POEM!!!!

Siblings of Johnny and Crusader
Lover of music,black and pizza
Who fears snakes
Who needs my OWN violin
Who gives money to World Vision and love
Who would like to see my room in black and Lady Gaga in concert
Resident of Otahuhu
Mafutaga Aana

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yummy Ice-Cream!!

Ice-Cream is one of the essentials to well, a party, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. It also comes in MANY different flavors. Vanilla is the most FAMOUS flavor in the WORLD!! The rich texture and uprising flavor has won the hearts of  thousands or even millions of people in the world, including me.(My favorite flavor is Chocolate though!) This REFRESHING desert is made of mostly dairy products. Main ingredients are milk, ice, water, cream and sugar. Gelato, sorbet and frozen custard are other names for this desert. Some people in the Persian Empire sometimes poured grape juice over snow as a little treat. Ice-Cream recipes first appeared in America and England in 1718. This WONDERFUL desert is a joy to EVERYONE!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Manu Samoa are the BEST!!

It was time and it was the day when I knew that Manu Samoa were going to beat Namibia. I know I'm a supporter of Namibia, but nothing can beat Samoa!

  Manu Samoa have been playing in this GREAT sporting event since 1991, but they haven't brought the cup home yet. I have a feeling hey are going to win this year!
The final score for Samoa versus Namibia was 49-12 to SAMOA!! I think( OR MAYBE I KNOW,) that Samoa will NEVER EVER give up on anything, especially RUGBY!!

Me and Teresa!

This is me and one of my favorite cousins Teresa. She is VERY fun to play with and she supports me in no matter what I do. Plus, we have SO much in common!We both love L&P, we have net-books and we both LOVE to swim! (We are both SMART TOO!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Badminton!!

It was Thursday. It was time. I rushed to be the first in the line. We then went to our brown, clean, soon to be fun filled hall. I saw our instructor. Her name was Lorene. She was a PRO at the sport we were going to play. She was going to be our instructor for all the days we were going to come to badminton. When my got my racket, I grasped onto it, it was my first time mastering the art of badminton. I held onto my short, sea coloured blue and white racket. Badminton is a sport of technique and speed. It’s kind of like tennis, but even BETTER!! For this UNIQUE sport, there are long and short rackets. Sometimes it is tricky to aim. The harder you hit, further the shuttle soars in the air! Of course, the shuttle TECHNICALLY has wings!! Our first activity was hitting the shuttle. Wait a minute. Do you know what a shuttle is? It is the thing that you hit when you play badminton. It has about 12 feathers on top of the base, the weighted rubber end. Anyways, moving on!! I threw this bird look alike into the air. We had to see how many times we could hit it. I tried to hit and....... MISS!! I was raging with ANGER!!!!! I knew I could do it with just perseverance and determination. Next thing you know, I have a volley of hits. I was proud. On our next activity, we had to pick a partner. You might think this easy, but trust it is NOT! We had to the shuttle to each other........................................... UNDER OUR LEGS!! Lorene said it would be easier if you closed your eyes, but trust me, it works. After that, it was cone catching time. It is when you get a cone, a shuttle, a partner and of course, a racket! You or your partner hit the shuttle to each other. The other person has to catch it in the cone. I don’t mean to brag, but, I think I was a PRO at that one!! I caught that little bird!! We had a few more activities, then we went back to class. I LOVE badminton and I know that me, my friends and everyone else in the world has a unique talent! I think my NEW talent is BADMINTON!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Tired!!

My heart was pumping. I was really nervous, even though my friend, Tyla, and I weren't running in Cross Country!! We were SO happy! The 9,10 and 11 year olds in our school had to run 2 WHOLE kilometers. That's a LONG way!!

 I saw the cute little kids lining up to race against each other. Their race was WAY shorter then Team Four's. I could imagine the pain my five friends were going through. Two kilometers of pain, hunger and most of all............... lots of MUD! The boys LOVE this squishy, brown, manure looking mud.

"On your marks, get set, GO!" Mr Burt shouted! Off went the 5 year old girls!! My heart was pumping and I just wanted to see Sina win!! My screaming lungs almost ran out of breath. Not only did they have aching muscles, but so did I. I felt jittery and jumpy! "She runs, she runs and a win from the beautiful Sina!" I shouted. I knew she could do it!

 There were a few more races and then Tyla and I went to the edge of a gate near the farm next to our school. My friend’s cousin  was cheering next to us with her friends. Tyla and I were cheering on my brother when he dashed and scampered on to the finish line.

 I expected lots from my friend Ashlee! She’s usually the energetic one and I hoped to see her first out of all of my friends. It turns out she wasn’t really feeling FULL of energy today!! I saw Jorja come first out of my friends. It was pretty unusual. She never really likes physical education! She only likes it when I’M with her. That’s how close WE are!! But, TODAY I think she didn’t need me. THEN it was Ashlee, Kaycee and the last one was Porscha. I expected more from her too!!!

 I really enjoyed Cross Country this year and I really kind of didn’t like that I didn’t participate. Next year maybe it will be a little bit shorter and THEN I can run!!!!!