Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Trip to Maraetai Beach

Last week, I had one of the most AMAZING beach trips of my life. My uncle, his girlfriend and my auntie and I went to Maraetai Beach with a few of my aunties cousins. To be honest, I didn't really expect to go anywhere on THAT lazy Saturday. The night before was really busy, and I was tired but it was worth it.

            First, me and my aunty got our things ready after I had my cake for breakfast. Then, we picked up my uncles girlfriend from her house. Then off to Maraetai we went. A few stops to supermarkets and gas stations, but just for some more food:)

            When we FINALLY got there after about one and a half hours, I rapidly ran down to the sea shore. Why? Because I got broke my jandolos at SuperValue supermarket. I had to run because the concrete was really rocky. Arriving onto the soft nude sand, i was relieved.

            Greeting all of my uncles fiance's cousins, we ate, and then SWAM:)) Dipping my feet into the frigid water, I hacked the feeling of numbness in my legs and jumped in. Literally. We swam for about 3-4 HOURS!! I know right. After swimming, me and my uncles jumped off the jetty. It was a high tide so it was really deep too. Luckily, I'm a great swimmer.

            Overall, this trip was amazing. I ate great food, met soon-to-be family members of mine, and spent more than I could wish for with my family. I would love to go to Maraetai Beach again, ANY TIME SOONER.