Thursday, July 14, 2011


It was Wednesday. It was time. My mum, my friends and I went on the bus with the feeling of excitement. My mum hadn't been here in a LONG time, so the excitement of her was pretty obvious. Mostly ALL of the kids in our class had their parents come over. I didn’t really except that. We got on the bus. I sang with a voice of a bird, “We are going to M.O.T.A.T,we are going M.O.T.A.T!”. We got on the bus and I sat next to my friends grandma.

When we got to the fascinating place, we met and had morning tea in one of the classrooms at M.O.T.A.T. After that, we headed off to the Tactile Dome. I heard that it was so dark, that when you close, you can see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, that was what it looked like!! We met two men named Andrew and Tony and they were our instructors. We had to take off our shoes and loose gear. Me and my friends were the first ones to go in. My heart was pounding with and excitement. I knew the first few obstacles because my brother went there a week before us. I lead the WHOLE way and I was really proud of myself and so was my mum.

We then wandered around the AWESOME museum and went to the Mirror Maze first. It was really confusing and I saw thousands of the same friends of mine. The it was the Arcade Room. It was my brothers FAVORITE PLACE!! It was a room filled with free arcade games. I liked it, but I must admit, some of the other kids from another school were being a little bit GREEDY!!

We wandered some more and then we went to the classroom again to have lunch.

We wandered in the I Am The Last Tram area and then headed off to one of the upstairs classrooms. I found out that the tea bag was actually an invention made accident. I also learned that a toothpaste tube squeezer actually exists! After that we did some more wandering around and then met up and went back to school.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Stanley Steamer!

This is a movie that my friends and I made! It was SOOOOOO much fun and we did all by ourselves!!Hope you enjoyed!!!

The Stanley Steamer from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.