Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hidden Matariki!

Have you ever heard of "Hidden Talents" on Disney Channel? Well, the Year 5 & 6 Extension group had a challenge to put together a movie just like that, but you have to guess what MATARIKI is! This is me and my friends Hidden Matariki! We hope you enjoy this little game!

My Swimming Movie!

With my teeth chattering and the spray flying from the other kids,I felt really cold!The coldness made me cough and splutter.Even though I was very buoyant,I gasped for breath while I was doing freestyle.A shock of cold was the only thing that electrified my body,even though the water was deliciously warm.

  I pushed of the wall with a powerful kick and determination.As soon as I sunk down into the water,I grasped onto the flutter-board,so I then again became very buoyant.I kicked furiously with coordinated movements to the other end of the pool.

 When it was time to do the backstroke,I glided gracefully on the water. I then submerged down into the turquoise colored aqua because another kid pushed me.I bobbed around because I thought that I was drowning.It was time to get out of blue,runny pleasure.

 I was shivering and shaking.I still had a gulp of water in my mouth,but I was too cold to realise.I went into the changing rooms.I put on my two thick layered jumpers and headed back to school.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancing to The Top!

Kherington Taylor Payne,was born on 26 January,1990.The talented dancer,singer,actor and reality star,is currently 21 and is part of the television show,"The Dance Scene",on the gossip channel E!.She is so AWESOME at dancing,that she was one of the top 10 finalists in "So You Think You Can Dance".

Born in Whittier,California,Kherington is the daughter of Sheri Ashe and Rick Payne.She formally took dance lessons at the age of 2.Her lessons aren't over yet!!The famous choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson works with her in the reality dance show "The Dance Scene".Graduated from El Dorado High School,Payne now lives in Placentia,California.She is pursuing her dance dreams and career.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Queen Monster!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is better known as Lady Gaga,her stage name.The famous singer-songwriter was born on the day 28 of March in 1986 in New York City,United States.She is best known for her hit songs Just Dance and Pokerface.The genres of these famous hit and actually all of the rest of her songs are pop and dance.The most talented instruments that Stefani (Gaga)play are her vocals,the keytar,piano and the synthesizer.

Her occupations were and are Singer-songwriter, performance artist,record producer, dancer, businesswoman, activist.She was the first born child of her father Joseph Germanotta which was Italian,American.Guess what!........She teamed up with the famous singer Elton John.They did a duet for the song for the AWESOME movie "Knomeo and Juliet"!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Past Connections

I also had lots of fun making this movie too!The crew for this movie were intelligent,funny and supportive!They were as hard working as me and it is such an honour to have been in their movie too.Tyla,Kaycee and Calvin(The actors in this AWESOME movie!)have really a BIG help to me too!!I thank them SO MUCH!

Past Connections from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

P.S.I was like a special guest!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brave Men and Women

This is our year five and six Extension movie that we made for the I AM Making Movies 2 contest.The path that we took through our first movie making competition was ABSOLUTELY wonderful!This is the process that we made in this movie is the wonderful story of a struggling family INCLUDING the mother.Her husband has gone to war and it is hard for her AND her kids.Hope you enjoyed this AWESOME movie!!!!

Brave men AND women from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

P.S.I'm not really in it that much!!!Thanks to our Extension teacher too!!!She is AWESOME!!!!

Rolling in Adele!!

Adele is an AWESOME singer.She inspires just like Katy Perry too.Not only does she have a unique voice,she also has a unique talent too......Songwriting.

Her charming single,Rolling in the Deep,crested to number one in the charts in countries like Canada,Italy,Netherlands,Belgium,Switzerland and Germany.It also became in the top ten hit New Zealand,United States,Denmark,Ireland and Norway.Adele's idea
and description of her top hit is a dark blues,gospel kind of disco tune.It also appears in her album 21.It was then came out on the day,29 November,2010 in the Netherlands.


Some scientists and mathematicians in the Ancient world were not as good as Archimedes.Who is Archimedes?You are probably wondering who is he.He was a mathematician and an inventor in the Ancient Greek days.He was the last Greek mathematician.Not only was he known as the wise one,but he was also known as the master too.

Born in Syracuse,Sicily,2086 B.C,he probably got his interest of maths from his father,Phidias.His father was an astronomer,a scientific studier of heavenly bodies.Some days he was so interested in trying to solve mathematical problems,that he may have forgotten to eat!!I would not want to be him!

He invented the Claw,the ship shaking construction.It was invented in 2014 B.C.It was useful for warding off ships.The right arm was used to lift,sink and drop on an attacking ship with a large hook.It was controlled by a pulley system and also two poles.It’s also used to pick up toys in stuff toy machines.FUN!!!!