Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Most Important Interview EVER

In May 2012, my parents and I had one of the biggest events of my life. I was having an interview at St Mary’s College for a spot this year. As always, I was unsure that I wanted to do this. Arriving at the school, a racing heart was heading towards the office, hoping for a GREAT interviewer. I couldn’t stop talking to my parents about how scared I was.

                First off, we waited for about thirty to thirty-five minutes until it was our turn.  We chatted to a couple of people to practically warm our voices up. I could tell that my mum was nervous too, but my father just wasn’t really talking though. I was then startled, when Mr Nolan called us for our interview.

                Almost as sweaty as a pig, my brain went blank, thinking about my old school and friends. The interview was basically just learning about me and my family, and the history of St Mary’s.

“So it’s Juanita, right?” Mr Nolan mentioned- as everyone would say my name.               “Um, JO-nita, sir”, I replied calmly.

“So WHY do you want to come to St Mary’s Jonita?”                                             

 “Well. Because of the great learning facilities and stuff. You know?” I said, trying to think of something smart.         

                As Mr Nolan wanted to know more about me, my parents anxiously told him about my family and brothers. LUCKILY, he was able to sustain interest. (I think)

“So I’ll tell you what. If she wants to, we’ll accept her ”, he stated.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Hitting my arm, my mother was obviously over emotional.

“Yes, yes!”, I exclaimed.

                I was probably getting over excited myself too. Walking out of the office and bursting with tears of joy, I was already ready for my St Mary’s journey.

Leaving my old school-Pt. England Primary- was real heart-breaking but getting into St Mary’s is a HUGE honour. But overall, the experience was half and half. At least I know I’m going to love it here.