Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poisonous Snakes!

Have you ever wondered how a poisonous snake bites?A poisonous snake carries it’s venom in two poison sacs.The sacs are next to the two upper jaws. The two sacs are also next to the snakes teeth we call fangs.

The two fangs are connected to the two sacs.The poison runs from the sacs to the two fangs.The poison runs in the middle.

The moment the snake bites, the poison is forced through the flesh into the body. You better watch out!

My Haiku About My Friends

A Haiku is a Japanese poem that doesn't have to rhyme and it usually has 5 solubles in the first sentence,7 syllables in the second one and 5 syllables again for the last one. Here's my and I hope you enjoy it!

My Friends

I love all my friends,

All of them make me feel loved,

Just like my parents!

This or That?

Chocolate or Licorice


Pepsi or Coke


McDonalds or Burgerking


Laptop or PS3


Violin or Guitar


Dress or Jeans


Last,but not least...

Glee or Shortland Street

Shortland Street

The Sun

The Sun is just another normal star that is made of a gas called hydrogen,but it forms into another gas call helium at it's core.(It's center)People believe the Sun is 1,390,000 km.(863,746 miles)It is very hard for people to believe that the Sun is only half way through it's life,even though it was born 4.6 BILLION years ago!Thats alot of years!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Acroustic about Porscha

Puts up with alot of things!
Other things she does is so kind!....
Really awesome!
Sticks up for me!
Can't stand arguments!
Hates things that are scary
Always going to be my friend,no matter what!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Scared at First!.........

With excitement,Jorja,Tyla(my BEST friends!) and I climbed the steep steps on my way to the Swimarama hydro-slide.I could hear lots of people’s echoing voices from the middle of the staircase where we were standing.

When we finally got there,I was scared,but when I saw Jorja go first,I was as confident as ever!!The first time I went,I wanted to go on it some more and so did my friends!.....We went on it as much as we could before our teams turn was finished.We only had five turns on it and that’s not really alot of turns for us kids!

Skating at Camp....

I entered the skating rink with confidence and skillful paces. I glided gracefully at tremendous speed with the wind blowing in my hair.I was just watching Uili glide backwards across the skate rink.I was so jealous!

Then it was time to race....”All girls who want to race, report to the skate rink,” Richard (the old man who worked there) said,or something like that! I was ready to race and I was also full of energy too.

It was Jay-Lee,Tyla-Marie, Mary, Tui and me who was going to race.We all heard the word GO and off we went. We had to do three whole laps round the skating rink.When it was half way through,I didn’t realise that the floor was so slippery,I fell and cried! I was so embarrassed! ”AHHHH!” I yelled out. My dad helped me get up and I lost the race, of course!!!! I got bumps and bruises on my legs and my butt!

My dad said “Your OK,your OK!” so I believed him and I got back on to the skating rink!I can’t wait till I learn how to skate backwards!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Digital Story

Jonita's Digital Story from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

This is my first time working on a digital story and here it is!I did it all in extension class and I was the first one to finish even though I was really behind!I hope you enjoy it!.......

Thanks to Erin and Dr Barrett for helping us create this movie!We will miss you!!..