Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toe Sized Crabs!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an awesome time at our school picnic at the Pt England Reserve!Our whole school went and my dad also came to help out.

First,the whole school had to meet in the hall before we all went.Then off we went!As soon as we got there,I had no more energy from all the walking!Then the whole school had to meet again.

When the meeting was finished, I quickly ran to our spot and ate.As soon as I was done, my friend Kaycee and I rapidly ran to the beach, to look for crabs! That was the only thing that we were looking forward to!!!!!!

We cautiously started looking for crabs under the sharp edged oyster rocks to see if there were any. It turned out some of them only had shrimps under them! But the first crab we caught was blue. It was scuttling left to right trying to get away from us.Luckily,we caught it! We also caught some really huge ones that were about the same size as my big toe!!!!!!!! Unfortunately,we got bored and so I gave them away to my cousin.:(

After-that, we made clay cannon balls from the hidden clay under the damp sand. I kept on getting dirty and my dad kept getting angry at me!