Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This painting is called Hine, by Robyn Kahukiwa. If you look closely, you will see that the color changes from light to darker on the forehead going. Also that the painting is dyed on the forehead from the noticeable blotches. 

My favorite bit about this painting is the details, like feathers and moko. I like them because of the colors and how semetrical they are.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Kawau Experience

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......... I guess it's over. Yeah, Camp Bentzon was AMAZING!! Kayaking, bombing, SAILING, (Well that's a first timer) and abseiling.

My overall favourite activity was bombing off the wharf with my friends. I'm not bragging too, but I was pretty good for a first timer on Tuesday. I was really scared at first because I really sucked, but then I starting getting use to it. "TASI, LUA, TOLU, FA. JUMP!", I shouted to Tyla-Marie before jumping. Splashing into the water, feet first, a gulp of sea water went into my mouth.

Hiking into the bush was my LEAST favourite activity. Not just because I'm not athletic, but also because it took us about two or so hours just to go to a "beach", well not really a beach. It took about two hours to get half way, when Isara said a speech with a stone picked from the beach. But it was still great exercise:))


Thanks to Erin, Peter and all the teachers and helpers who came and helped us at Kawau!

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Camp Facts

YEEEEEEYYY!!! In just ONE more day, it’s going to be the Yr 6 Annual Camp at Kawau Island. It’s called Camp Bentzon and I'M going! I can’t wait!!

On the way to the island, it takes and hour and a half, JUST TO GET TO THE SAND SPIT. And then 30 minutes to get to the island on the ferry.

There is also a variety of activities, from a Burma trail, to kayaking in stingray bay. There is also LOTS of bunks, inside the cabins. There are usually five people in one cabin:)

The thing that I’m MOSTLY looking forward to is spending huge amounts of time with my friends. I’d like to do that because not only I'm leaving nek year, but in our cabins, that’s the only REAL time we spend with our friends. Well, I was told that by one of our teachers.

The biggest challenge at Camp for me would have to be the raft making. I think because I'm not really good with making essentials with just random piece of wood. So that’s about it!

Wish me good luck on CAMP!! Expect more interesting and fascinating stories nek week!

Thanks to the Camp Bentzon site for this photo of the activity map!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Couplet Poem about Summer


In Summer,
It gets even funner,
When we eat ice-cream,
And shout and scream,
But when the end comes to Summer,
It’s a real bummer


My Couplet Poem about Camp


At our Year 6 Camp,
I would like to tramp,
And also eat marshmallows,
And swim in the water that isn’t shallow
And having fun
While running in the sun

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Flax

Mrs Harper, Freya and her mother's next door neighbour wants to cut down the flax bush along their path. Unfortunately, that is the bush that Freya’s mum plates her kete with, and the bush that Freya feeds the tui’s syrup with.

Freya and her mum try to think of other solutions, but none of them ended with good results. Luckily, Mr Harper (MRS HARPER’S HUSBAND) enjoys watching the tui’s drinking the syrup that Freya makes and then they take the plants down, but then plant another flax bush at the Harper’s backyard:)


Walking in the cold morning air, Room 17 walked to the field for the first day of our triathlon. With my heart racing, I fully opened eyes ANNNNDDDD.............................. This was it:(

I was hoping for something more challenging, but that was good enough.

Suddenly, I spot two old men, one of them running towards us. Noticing that he was more energetic than I thought, he explained to us about the rules and facts of triathlons. Then we finally got to work.

Did you know that the longest triathlon is the Iron Man. It has a 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bike ride, and a 42.2 km run.

In Triathlon, Tri means three, and athlon means contest or event

The Iron Man is a test of skill, mental achievement and spirit.

Running to the water slide, I couldn’t wait to start. Getting sprayed by the water, I was getting ready to run before the other. NEK MINNIT. Ready, set GO! I. WENT. last:(   That didn’t put me down though. After five laps of that, I moved onto biking.

Quickly putting my helmet on, I ran out with my bike and raced with my friends. Fortunately, I didn’t come last, but close to that area anyway. After 2 laps with the bike, I ran as fast as I could and then finished.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Acrostic about Lisia:)

Inventive with stuff
Sweet and a sensational singer (REQUESTED BY LISIA)

Be sure to visit Lisia's blog too! :peslisiam.blogspot.co.nz

My Subject Poem- SAMOA

This is a tapa cloth designed and drawn by myself. I hope you enjoy it!! :D


Swaying palm trees
Hard brown coconuts
Beautiful tapa clothes
Old traditional fales
Hard beating drums
Crawling coconut crabs
Friendly people
Sweet breadfruit
Shiny blue water
Sunny humid weather

My Autobiography Poem


Tall, Funny, Musical, Samoan

Sibling of Johnny, Crusader and Tyla-Marie

Lover of music, my family, friends and QLD!!!

Who feels depressed when school ends

Who relies on my family, friends, music and technology

Who gives happiness and laughter

Who fears my siblings and leaving P.E.S!

Who would like to see BRAZIL:)

Resident of Auckland

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Story

Jonita Faletagoai         Writing Sample
October 2012

On a cold Wednesday morning when I was on my way to school, something caught my eye. Strolling past, I noticed a suspicious sight with a dozen police investigators in front of the dairy. A body bag was seen too. I was trying to see what was going on, but a police woman blocked me from the view.

I then remembered that when I went to get breakfast earlier on in the morning, there was no investigation sight there. I asked the lady what happened, and she said that a girl was run over. Looking around to see if anyone was coming, I saw the body bag and opened it. I couldn’t believe who was in there.

It was Sydney Robinson, my best friend. Staring at her face, I noticed there weren’t any marks, besides her scar that she had all her life. With only one huge bruise on her back, there were no serious injuries done. Then a thought crossed my mind, was this done on purpose? I was sure to find out.

Eager to know who did the awful execution, I asked everyone if they were the last ones to see her when she was alive. With no results, I forgot about her brother, Cato, then hurried to speak with him. Unwilling to talk to me, I was getting pretty annoyed with him. Until he admitted he’d done something unbelievably horrible. “I did it”, he said with pain in his voice. “Did what?”, I replied. “I killed her.”

Becoming furious, I grabbed him, and dragged him all the way to police station. “He did it! Take him, take him! He even taped himself killing her.”, I shouted. “Thank-you”, he then said. But what for, I kept on asking myself. Unfortunately, that was the last time I saw him, but I never forgot about Sydney.

Jonita- The Bush

It was a hot Summer afternoon when Jessie, Robyn and myself were off to our annual camping trip at the Bushwalk in Otahuhu.

“Jess, you got everything? We seriously have to get going ”, I asked with excitement. “Oh. Of course! Yes, got all our things”, she replied. Driving off, I heard a slight sound of something unpleasant under the car. “Guys, did you hear that?”, I said with curiosity. As always, they ignored me, but halfway there, something terrible happened.

Looking behind the steering wheel, I saw that the red light was on for the gas. Suddenly, nothing was on. Opening the hood of the car, I noticed there wasn’t any gas in the tank. “Everything fine there Nita?”, said Jessie. “NO! Please, come quick.”, I exclaimed. I told them what happened. Unfortunately, the conclusion wasn’t good.

It must have leaked. Trying to figure out where the leakage started, there was no result. “Do you guys know what happened?”, I said. “Nope.”, both of them muttered. Suddenly I remember something. Before driving off, I accidently took out some oil for my fathers car. “Ummmmm. Sorry guys. I guess it was me. I’ll go find help.”

Luckily, Jess had enough bars to call her parents, which got there at around eleven o’clock. I guess I learnt a lesson today.