Monday, November 19, 2012

My Camp Facts

YEEEEEEYYY!!! In just ONE more day, it’s going to be the Yr 6 Annual Camp at Kawau Island. It’s called Camp Bentzon and I'M going! I can’t wait!!

On the way to the island, it takes and hour and a half, JUST TO GET TO THE SAND SPIT. And then 30 minutes to get to the island on the ferry.

There is also a variety of activities, from a Burma trail, to kayaking in stingray bay. There is also LOTS of bunks, inside the cabins. There are usually five people in one cabin:)

The thing that I’m MOSTLY looking forward to is spending huge amounts of time with my friends. I’d like to do that because not only I'm leaving nek year, but in our cabins, that’s the only REAL time we spend with our friends. Well, I was told that by one of our teachers.

The biggest challenge at Camp for me would have to be the raft making. I think because I'm not really good with making essentials with just random piece of wood. So that’s about it!

Wish me good luck on CAMP!! Expect more interesting and fascinating stories nek week!

Thanks to the Camp Bentzon site for this photo of the activity map!

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