Monday, November 5, 2012

Jonita- The Bush

It was a hot Summer afternoon when Jessie, Robyn and myself were off to our annual camping trip at the Bushwalk in Otahuhu.

“Jess, you got everything? We seriously have to get going ”, I asked with excitement. “Oh. Of course! Yes, got all our things”, she replied. Driving off, I heard a slight sound of something unpleasant under the car. “Guys, did you hear that?”, I said with curiosity. As always, they ignored me, but halfway there, something terrible happened.

Looking behind the steering wheel, I saw that the red light was on for the gas. Suddenly, nothing was on. Opening the hood of the car, I noticed there wasn’t any gas in the tank. “Everything fine there Nita?”, said Jessie. “NO! Please, come quick.”, I exclaimed. I told them what happened. Unfortunately, the conclusion wasn’t good.

It must have leaked. Trying to figure out where the leakage started, there was no result. “Do you guys know what happened?”, I said. “Nope.”, both of them muttered. Suddenly I remember something. Before driving off, I accidently took out some oil for my fathers car. “Ummmmm. Sorry guys. I guess it was me. I’ll go find help.”

Luckily, Jess had enough bars to call her parents, which got there at around eleven o’clock. I guess I learnt a lesson today.

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