Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats: Reflection on Netbooks

Pt England School, the home of digital learning. Netbooks are very helpful learning tools with much to provide for us. I think it would be much harder to learn at school without them.

Learning with Netbooks makes sharing, editing and information much more easier. Even though school finishes, our learning hasn't, when we can still learn maths, writing and reading at HOME. I couldn't imagine school without Netbooks.

Collecting and sharing information is much more easier and important now. Unlike writing with a pencil and paper, it is much more faster and neater with our laptops.

Unfortunately, our netbooks don’t have enough or ANY animation or movie making studios for us to use. Pt England is very creative. Animating and movie are a big part of our learning.

Sharing internet with T.C. (Tamaki College) is a real pain. Managing to connect to Maths Whizz was a real pain..
My solution to ALL this nonsense is for the school to get each student from Year 5 & up, their own  mouse which will help us with animating. As for movie making, I reckon that we should upgrade to Apple Software instead of Ubuntu.

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